The annual increase rate of plastic modified PVC pipes in my country is 2%
China's PVC pipes have developed rapidly in recent years, with an annual increase rate of 8%, and an annual increase rate of 2%. Among plastic pipes, pvc pipes are widely used in water supply and drainage pipes.
Product innovation needs to be improved--because the skills are relatively sophisticated, in recent years, PVC water supply pipes have not invested much in product innovation, and there are relatively few new products. There are many general products on the market, and there are few high-skilled and high-value-added products. Similar General-purpose products, middle-grade and low-grade products account for the majority, while high-grade products are few.
The impact of the ban on lead on PVC-U pipes-probably, the rule of using non-lead salt heat stabilizers for PVC-U drinking water pipes has a greater negative impact on the PVC pipe industry. Although relevant departments, industry associations and some production companies have made a lot of efforts, specially held press conferences, used the media to promote, and the overall situation has gradually become rational, but because some users still do not know the real situation very well, PVC-U The increase rate of drinking water pipe consumption is less than the uniform increase level, and there are also potential negative effects on the use of other PVC-U pipes.
Expansion of the scope of application and market implementation needs to be improved, and the application and supporting skills need to be further improved-industry and product promotion, science popularization and other aspects are not in place, which affects the rational use of plastic pipes and the expansion of the scope of application. The relevant work of the trade association needs to be improved, and the promotion of promotion needs to be strengthened. At present, the application market for products will still be concentrated in a limited number of areas, and there are still opportunities to open up new application markets. Some products do not have complete supporting skills, and some product design, construction, inspection and other standardized operations are relatively lagging behind.
The market is not standard, and some companies' products are of low quality, which affects the healthy development of the industry--because the plastic pipe market is not yet standard, some buyers are not the end users of the products, and they do not pay attention to brand and quality, resulting in different quality in the market The products exist together, and some local products with low quality and low price are very good for sale, and the PVC-U pipe is still more serious. It is known that there are more than 500 PVC-U production companies in a county-level area, and most of them are family workshops. The quality status can be imagined. In the cost of PVC-U pipes, the price of raw materials accounts for about 70%. A single company reduces the cost of products by reducing wall thickness and increasing calcium carbonate in many ways, resulting in poor product quality. Some companies use more than two different quality trademarks, use low-grade processing equipment, and use lead-salt stabilizers for drinking water pipes to reduce costs, harm the rights of consumers and undermine the promise of the industry.
The construction quality of the project should be further improved-the quality of the PVC-U pipeline project depends largely on the construction level. Good products and consistent construction skills ensure the outstanding operation of the pipeline system project. In some projects, skilled personnel lack professional training, and the metal pipe method is used for design and construction in actual operation. There are conditions such as non-standard construction and rough construction, and the technical and economic functions of PVC-U pipelines are not fully utilized, and even the formation of pipelines damage. Some users still do not know how to carry out construction and supervision of plastic pipes according to the regulations.
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