PP extrusion welding equipment

1. Welding turntable

◆Turntable diameter: 4000

◆ Speed ​​regulation: stepless frequency conversion speed regulation

◆ Clamping: pneumatic and automatic centering.    


2. Extrusion welding machine

◆ Screw diameter: φ30mm

◆ Screw length to diameter ratio: 25:1

◆ Screw speed: 10-63r/min

◆ Maximum production capacity: 6kg/h(PP)(PE)

◆ Barrel heating power: 4KW

◆ Main motor power: 3KW

◆Hot air device  with electric

◆ Entry and exit method: cylinder adjustment

◆ Frame movement: cycloidal motor control
◆ Center and angle are all adjustable   

Frequency conversion speed regulation, domestic famous brand    


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